Our story so far.


The Brand

Lifestyle products inspired by Sleek, Sophistication and Versatility – without breaking the bank. Products from small leather goods to sophisticated time pieces, we’ve got you covered.

Rival Collective is a small team who loves the simplicity and sophistication of Carbon Fiber. We would love to bring out a line of sleek everyday lifestyle products that cannot be found anywhere else.

Being based in Melbourne, Australia – we are always inspired and motivated by the culture and the lifestyle in the world’s most liveable city just at our door step!

Carbon Fiber continues to inspire us and we’ve been pouring many countless hours it into our projects – we still have so much to show you guys – so keep an eye out on more upcoming projects!

Join us on our journey to Sleek.

Our Mission

We are a motivated and driven team who wishes to continue developing innovative ideas from conception to finished production – lifestyle products for the modern everyday carry. Inspired by the simplicity and beauty of Carbon Fiber – to define the minimalist in us all.

If you would like to join the team, shoot us an email to hello@rival-collective.com.

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