Renegade FAQ

Unscrew the crown counter-clockwise until you hear a click – Renegade is equipped with a screw-down crown.

A Semi-Automatic/Mechanical movement is powered by a spring, with the spring being wound. Our selected movement, ST1903, is hand wound to power the spring but doesn’t require the use of a conventional battery to run.

Our C/F models feature a solid one piece Carbon Fiber case and bezel, where our S/S models have a Stainless Steel case with Carbon Fiber bezel.

Stainless Steel Models – Quake Straps – Lengths: 70/22mm + 115/22mm – Total length including case – ~235mm.

Carbon Fiber Models – Aero Straps – Lengths: 70/22mm + 120/22mm – Total length including case – ~235mm.

  1. Depress the clasp buttons to release the clasp to open (this should elongate it).
  2. The “D” buckle section needs to be opened, by pulling it upwards – it should unclip and reveal a pin. This pin is to be attached to the opposite strap through the adjustment hole.
  3. Once the desired size is acquire, lock the “D” buckle then reverse the clasp until you hear a click (it should be on your wrist by now).
  4. Now you can remove your watch quickly, by depressing the release buttons and vice versa to wear.

Visit this awesome Youtube video for more information.

You will require some 22mm lug spring bars in order to install these bands (not included). Installation is pretty simple and is dependent on how you’d like to wear it. Download our straps guide here for more information.

Quartz Retrograde Models

  1. Unscrew the Screw-Down crown (turn counter-clockwise until released).
  2. Pull out the Crown until you hear two clicks (Puts it on time set mode)
  3. Press button at the 2 o’clock position until the Chronograph hand is at desired ‘zero’ position.
  4. Depress Crown completely (Puts it back on running mode)

Download the OS22 user guide for more information – click here.

Mechanical (Semi-Auto) Models

  1. Unscrew the Screw-Down crown (turn counter-clockwise until released).
  2. Wind the watch until tight (Crown turns clockwise). Ensure the Chronometer function isn’t engaged and is reset to the original clutch position (big second hand shouldn’t move) – and let run for 24 hours.
  3. Wind the watch to full again – and test the Chronometer function to see if it returns to true 0 position afterwards. If issue persists, please refrain from using the Chronometer until we have release and official solution.
  4. You can still use your watch in the meantime by winding it at least every 24 hours – it will assist in keeping the mechanics in good condition.

Download the ST19 user guide for more information – click here.

In an event that you believe there is a defective part/parts with your item that is backed with our warranty policy, you can request for a review and claim directly by completing the returns form and contacting us directly via email.

Shipping costs are to be covered by the customer, but return shipping will be covered by us.

To ensure a smooth warranty return, please make sure of the following before sending us a claim request:

  1. Ensure that you have identified the issue and have contacted us through customercare@rival-collective.com with photos/videos depicting the defective claim.
  2. A warranty/returns form is to be filled in to process the claim within 14 days of purchase.
  3. Ensure that you only return the defective part, in ample protective packaging to make sure it gets to us – undamaged. It’s always recommended to use generous amounts of bubble wrap.
  4. All consignments are to be tracked – we are not responsible for any lost articles in the warranty process, but it’s best practice for all to keep items tracked at all times.
  5. Please allow up to 10-15 working days for the review/repair, although we will keep you updated along the way. In an event where the item is beyond repair, a replacement of the article, or credit equal value will be provided – please note we are unable to provide cash refunds.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us directly via email – customercare@rival-collective.com.

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