Renegade. A Chronograph Watch Made of Carbon Fiber

For the past year we’ve been working together with carbon fiber experts developing multiple prototypes and perfecting our final designs. Comfort and luxury styling were the main drivers for our concept – and of course that added sinfulness that comes naturally with the carbon fiber design.

Retrogade Movement, Solid Carbon Fiber Shell, Lume Dials, Aero/Quake Leather Straps. Bundled with Travel Watch Roll Case. Get Sleek Now.

Carbon Renegade is racing inspired, utilizing high tech composite materials to combine it’s ultra lightweight qualities with sleek modern design. Coupled with an option of perforated Aero or Textured leather straps – no matter which option, we believe it’ll be a Sleek combination.

All sets are bundled with a Watch Roll Case – Free! Sign Up today to Secure your Spot to Save 40% Off.

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